Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA) or Renewable Energy Certificates

Go Renewable Without a Roof

Rooftop solar is not feasible for everyone. Instead, you can buy green power
or Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from our fleet of solar farms.

Here’s How It Works

TE generates green power from our renewable energy facilities in Singapore.

1 MWh of renewable energy generation = 1 REC.

Purchase green power + RECs in a bundle (VPPA) or unbundled RECs (RECPA) to offset your energy consumption.

We perform all RECs-related activities on your behalf for FREE (buying, selling, and retiring).

Claim all environmental attributes for your business by retiring RECs.

RECs Purchase Agreement

No business can claim that they are running on 100% renewable energy unless they have the RECs to prove it.

RECs represent 1 MWh of renewable energy generation. They are a tradeable commodity and can be bought, sold, traded and “retired” – i.e. taken out of circulation.

The RECs system traces renewable energy generation back to the source, ensuring they are only retired once. And only the party that does so can claim the social and environmental benefits.

Purchasing RECs signals to the market that there is a non-disputable demand for renewable energy, leading to the creation of more renewable projects and investments.

You can buy the RECs TE is awarded from the generation of renewable energy in our utility-scale projects through a RECs Purchase Agreement.


Sometimes referred to as a Corporate PPA, a VPPA is a global financing framework for business carbon offsets. In a VPPA, you buy green energy from generators like TE.

There is no direct physical exchange of energy as it is a purely financial contract. Instead, the green power is injected into the grid that you regularly draw your power from. The energy is usually bundled together with the corresponding RECs, which your business can retire to declare your carbon offsets.

A VPPA can be used as a workaround for when installing a solar PV system is not possible for your building, or when you don’t own the property you are occupying.

Case Study

TE inked a 19 MW agreement with our valued partner – a global technology giant – in December 2020. This agreement will help the RE100 company meet its goal of supporting its operations in the region with 100 per cent renewable energy.


No Solar Installation Needed

Robust Pricing Model

Bulk Purchase Available


ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001

bizSAFE Level 3

Solar for All.

We complete every step carefully.


Free Consultation & Evaluation

Make an appointment with us! Upon analysing your site and consumption data, we will design an optimised solar PV system for your business.


Proposal & Agreement

Based on your energy needs, we will present you with a customised proposal. The contract is finalised and signed when you are happy with our offer.


System Installation

Installation is kept within 6-9 months*. We ensure the highest quality in system parts and workmanship.

*varies according to system size and authority approval times


O&M and Customer Aftercare

We operate and maintain the system for the full contract duration. In the event of any technical bumps, we aim to resolve them within a 48-hour benchmark.