Buy Out Your Solar
PV System

You can choose to purchase the system at any point during your contract.

Why Buy Out Your Solar PV System?

Zero CAPEX and passive income are great, but there’s even more to gain from owning your own solar system. 


Protect your business against
rising electricity prices

As fossil fuel reserves dwindle, electricity prices are on the rise. By owning a solar PV system, you draw less power from the grid as you are generating free green energy onsite. This saves you lots of utility expenses down the road.

Low risk investment,
high value and returns

Solar is widely regarded as low-risk. Solar panels will never degrade below 80% of their original performance and digitalisation continues to enable intelligent, low maintenance asset management.

Free green power and RECs

Upon owning the solar PV system, all the clean power it generates will be yours at no cost. Considering the lifespan of solar panels is minimally 25 years, you’ll have a deep runway of green energy and savings to enjoy.

Stay financially neutral

Subscribing to Solar PPA or Solar Roof Leasing plans already puts you in a better financial position to purchase the solar PV system. Use your savings or earnings from the plans to offset its cost and gain a major asset.

Power up your business

We offer solar plans tailored for small, medium, and large businesses. Harness the sun’s rays to generate green energy and lots and lots of power savings.​